Sunday, February 4

Bahay kubo

This is the house where my sisters and I grow up. It is located at Bagumbayan, Bulacan, Bulacan. I can vividly described my childhood memories of this place. It is surrounded by 5 huge kalabaw mango trees, 1 piko mango tree, 3 sweet santol trees, 2 siniguelas trees, 3 guava trees, 4 dwarf pomelo trees, lots of papaya trees and banana plants around. There is a huge white/pink kalachuchi (frangipani) plant in the front yard, colorful San Francisco plants and prickly thorny cactus in the main gate.

The house is quite far from the main gate, anyone who wants to call in must bang the gate, since we don't have a door bell. It has a big living room, two bedrooms, dining room with a "banggera". Bangerra is an extension from the window where chinawares, utensils, crockery are kept, banggera is a part of the dining room, it is like a muti-purpose pantry. It is long enough, which allows you to put and sort all the things you bought after going to the market. There is a small kitchen, a toilet/bathroom and two stairways, the right stairs leads straight to the kitchen and the left one is leads to the balcony, which leads to the living room.

There is a "silong" underneath the house, which is the storage for all our junk, there is an old "papag" - a bed made from bamboo, there is a 14 seater heavy, long wooden table. This table will only get out of the silong, if there is a special occasion, like Christmas, Barrio Fiesta or Easter (Mahal na Araw). It is also a place where we place the unripe mangoes during harvest time, covered it with banana leaves or newspaper and wait for it to get ripe. Gee... the mangoes smells so good when they are ripe.

The backyard is adjacent to a small palaisdaan (fishpond), I have countless enjoyable days catching small tilapia and talangka during summer vacation.

This house has gone a lot of renovation, it is not the same as it was before, the fishpond has now been transform to something else, but my memories of this place will always be the same.

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